CWA Local 3565

United Campus Workers of Mississippi Logo. A fist with a star on the wrist in the middle of the Mississippi State map surrounded by yellow stars on a red background with the words United Campus Workers of Mississippi Wall-to-Wall.
  • UCW-MS’ Response to UM Provost’s January 7 Letter to the American Historical Association
    The members of UCW Mississippi wish to respond to Provost Wilkin’s letter of January 7 to Dr. Mary Lindemann of the American Historical Association. The University of Mississippi’s winter recess has delayed our response, but we want to make it clear that our concerns about Professor Felber’s case and a number of other recent events at the University remain as urgent as they were in our December communication.
  • Statement on the Pattern of Administrative Abuse of Power at the University of Mississippi
    To: Chancellor Glenn Boyce & Provost Noel Wilkin From: United Campus Workers of Mississippi, CWA Local 3565 We are writing to you today because of a clear pattern of administrative abuses of power, of  which the latest have resulted in (1) the targeted harassment of public employees, (2) the  placement of the University of Mississippi’s…

We’ve expanded to the University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi State!

United Campus Workers of Mississippi has established new chapters at the University of Southern Mississippi and Mississippi State University. As a wall-to-wall union, all university workers at Southern Miss and Mississippi State are encouraged to join us in advocating for a better workplace for all!

Mission Statement

United Campus Workers of Mississippi unites Mississippi’s diverse workforce—including part-time and full-time staff, faculty, and student laborers—to address the critical issues we all face. Our mission is to champion and defend the interests and well-being of all University labor, as well as to build and sustain social and economic justice in our workplaces and in our communities.

Know your rights!

Our constitutionally granted freedoms of speech and assembly protect our right to form and participate in any organization of our choosing, including a union. When we exercise these rights by organizing, we are building a movement to protect and expand those rights for future generations.

The UCW is a “wall-to-wall” union which means any individual who receives a paycheck from the state of Mississippi as a worker at a state college or university is eligible to join the UCW.