Who can join?

UCW is a wall-to-wall union, which means anyone who receives a paycheck from the state of Mississippi as a worker at a state college or university is eligible to join.

Can I be fired for joining a union?

No. It’s illegal to fire someone for joining a union. Your right to belong to a union is protected by state and federal law. Mississippi is a right-to-work state, which just means the state constitution guarantees citizens the right to work regardless of whether they are union members.

Why should I join?

By joining the union, you get to be a part of an organization that belongs to workers and looks out for our best interests. Together, we can fight for fair wages, fair benefits, safe and healthy workplaces, and dignity for all Mississippi university workers. Our power and capacity lies with our membership. When you join, you help choose the direction of the union, what we fight for, and the campaigns we organize!

How much are dues?

The cost of UCW membership dues are income-based.

Part-time/retiree/graduate student$8.00 per month
Less than $30,000$15.00 per month
$30,000 – $50,000$20.00 per month
$50,000 – $60,000$25.00 per month
$60,000 – $100,000$30.00 per month
$100,000 and up$50.00 per month